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Preliminary Data In Research Proposal

Step 1: Research Toggle Dropdown. Step 1.1: Preliminary Research ; Step 1.2: Keywords ; Step 1.3: In-depth Research ; Step 2: Outline Toggle Dropdown. Outline Template ; Step 3: Draft; Step 4: Finalize Toggle Dropdown. Step 4.1: Formatting and Editing ; Step 4.2: Citations ; Helpful Research Definitions

  • The objective of this section of the research proposal is to convince the reader that your overall research design and methods of analysis will enable you to solve the research problem you have identified and also enable you to accurately and effectively interpret the results of your research.

  • preliminary research proposal. We ask you to provide one nonetheless, for three reasons. First, it allows us to assess your ability to conceive of a research project. Second, it provides us with a clear sense of your research interests. Third, the proposal will provide the basis for initial discussions with your research supervisor if you are accepted.

  • Conducting preliminary research involves choosing a topic that is interesting. Finding enough background information on the topic is vital in developing a research question. This allows the researcher to focus on the specific information they want. A preliminary research topic may be promoted to established research if the details are confirmed.

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