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Here's to the fraternities and sororities,

the diverse cultures, the happy people,

and the blunt ratchets.


The ones who love to seize

the party and get lit.


You can't ignore them because they have

a passion for creative music.


While the world sees them as delinquents,

I see them as versatile hustlers.


Because the people who are crazy

enough to think they can

take risks and live their best lives

are the ones who do.


DJ Narco, Jimmy Escalona, is an open format DJ from NYC. Born and raised in the East Village, Narco was always musically inclined through his father’s side of the family whether it was being a performer or songwriter and his mother’s side ran businesses in Colombia so he wanted to learn the tricks of the trade. Learning so much through his parents, Narco decided to become a DJ at the young age of 16. Eight years and counting, DJ Narco has continued to manipulate and blend sounds for all diverse cultures to GET LIT. 


In the beginning, Narco started in upstate college parties, whether it was a house party or on campus. Through those experiences, he learned to differentiate himself from the competition using creativity through DJ software and hardware. With a network of Greek Organizations, Narco was able to get noticed by all major cities in Western NY (i.e. Buffalo, Syracuse, Rochester, Binghamton, Ithaca, Oswego). After graduating from college, he knew the potential and status he had as upstate’s "Mr. West-New York".


Now, DJ Narco has DJed nationwide in major cities like Los Angeles, Tampa, Orlando, Miami, and all over New Jersey. He has expanded his craft by tackling on more private and diverse events like weddings, birthdays, prom nights, outdoor BBQs, holiday parties, and more. Through 8 years of experience, Narco understands the internal and external aspects of DJing so that the crowd can seize the party and get lit. At the end of the day, you either Party O Perreo.


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